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About Our Dream Ranch
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About Our Dream Ranch


Le Reve (The Dream) began as an endeavor by the owner to supplant traditional deer lease hunting with a place we could call our own. A place that would allow current and future generations to experience the great outdoors. A place that would allow friends and family to harvest wildlife. What we soon discovered was the habitat at Le Reve allowed for South Texas Whitetail to flourish. Thus, we decided to become somewhat of a boutique hunting operation, while still maintaining the original plan for the ranch.

Here at Le Reve Ranch, we pride ourselves on offering a limited amount of high quality trophy hunts each year. This allows the opportunity to provide the ultimate hunting experience for each of our clients. We take great pride in meeting, but also exceeding, the client’s expectations.

Clients can expect to be guided on their hunt by either one of the owners or a staff member whose experience at Le Reve dates back to day one. We are all lifelong hunters/conservationists and will work diligently to ensure your success in the field.